Sunday, September 19, 2004

Fire Tower Tour

The three of us went on a small expedition this afternoon. Dennis and I found this cool fire tower a little while back on one of our long cruises around Jefferson County. We didn't have time to climb it that day, but we did today :)

I have zero coping skills right now, so I only made it up about four flights before I gave up. I will climb it some day. Just not today.

Dennis and Chris both made it up. What brave boys I have :-D They took pictures from the top for me.

That's how I know I'll make it. I've just gotta see that view. I love the hills. Maybe I'll find the hill I'm going to live on from up there. Actually, the hill it is built on is quite a nice one. It's got a good round dome top, and as you can see, it drops away into long valleys from that point. There is a great view.

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