Saturday, April 30, 2005


Chris and I made cupcakes for Paul's birthday. We took them out to him at work today. I didn't have enough colored sugars, so I had to hand dye some. We wound up with five colors! It is an odd feeling to bake something for your ex-husband. At least something non-toxic...

Sadly, I think these turned out a little bit prettier than Dennis's Birthday Cake. (It was tasty though!)

Here's a closer picture of the sugar. I was a little proud of it :)

After that trip, Chris and I went to Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center. The center itself is really awesome! There is a nice bird garden that reminds me a lot of Turkey Run in Indiana. The hiking is citified - all of the trails are paved. We took the longest one, and were almost eaten alive by wild inch worms! There was a fishing demonstration with the Mobile Aquarium. We saw several goldfish get gulped down, a turtle tear off a crayfish claw, and finally a crayfish swallowed whole. I think Chris liked it. :)

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