Saturday, April 01, 2006

Just in case there is any confusion...

I suprised Dennis with a wedding gift last evening. It was supposed to wait until the wedding day, but since he had to call UPS to get the box off of the truck, and he drove to the UPS holding facility with me to pick the box up, (because our UPS driver is not leaving boxes at the apartment, and he's suspected of taking more than a few things by saying "left at office" and driving off with the boxes, which he did with one of my Christmas presents, but we called UPS and they made him drive back to the apartment with it after the rest of his shift was over, damn theif!) I let him in on it early.

I got us Bride:

and Groom T-shirts:

Dennis was really excited, and thinks the shirts are very cute. Hooray! I'm glad they went over so well. I knew he'd wear them, but I didn't know how excited he'd be about it. *sigh* I love him :-D

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