Saturday, September 24, 2005


I have my engagement ring! I am wearing it right now. After all of the daydreaming and showing internet pictures of the other set, I wound up with a plainly set solitare on a white gold band.

As soon as she set the loose stone in the ring at the store, I knew that I had it right. In truth, I could have opted for a larger stone, because I came in under budget, but I am extremely pleased with this one. It felt right, and I was not about to fight that. We have our wedding rings as well. I have a 2mm white gold band to set next to mine, and Dennis has a 4mm white gold band.

I've also sorted out my feelings about marrying again, and I am not nervous anymore. I'm just plain old in love now :-D


Kay said...

Congratulations! I'm hitting that age where everyone I know is getting married, almost within one year for a fact. I now know way more about tulle and ring settings than when I got married two years ago.

Kasie said...

Congrats! Your ring is gorgeous!

Chanda said...

That's awful purdy :) Congrats to you :D