Sunday, February 19, 2006

Furniture, the Sequel

We borrowed Dennis's Dad's truck and picked up our new furniture yesterday. We got the couch with no hassle at all, except that the couch and mattress set would not fit together with the truck cap on. It took us about twenty-five minutes to drive the couch home and unload it. When we returned to the store, we learned that American had "lost" our mattress and box spring.

I know a mattress and box spring are small items...

We were in the store for an hour and thirty-five minutes while they looked for our stuff. I gave up on standing in the warehouse, and went up to the front desk at the forty-five minute mark. I heard the girls at the front desk calling all of the managers, and I heard them calling back asking, "Is this about the missing mattress? Someone's looking."

Finally, after about twenty minutes of that, an actual manager came to the front desk. He made two phone calls, and within ten minutes, he had my mattress located, moved to the dock, and put on the truck. He did knock $100 off of my total bill, so now I know that Dennis and I are actually worth about $33 net per hour. Someone needs to tell my boss! Now if I could have just gotten the manager on the case an hour sooner, I wouldn't have anything to write here. I guess I paid for furniture, not service, and it is old fashioned and small-townish of me to expect to be treated well when I chose to spend my hard earned money at your store. Hrmph!

Anyway, despite all of that, I am in love with my new furniture. I slept very well on the new mattress. Mmmm, so comfy! I want to go back to it right now :)

New couch:

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