Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rally. America. See the Irony?

Last year I complained about the 100 Acre Wood Rally a little. I snuck that "authority figures" part in at the end of my post. What I meant to say was that it was not nearly as much fun as it had been in years past, and I didn't enjoy myself nearly as much, and I wondered if I would go back this year.

I did.

I'm pretty sure I won't make the same mistake next year, unless the event changes hands again before then. I know "every rally is what you make of it," but it seems to me that Rally America is doing everything in their power to keep spectators from making anything of it. Maybe I expect too much, but I do know that the first year I went was incredible, and since then it has been a downhill slide. Last year ran on time, but the spectator points were more lame, and IMO there was entirely too much crowd control, and this year amounted to a long ass drive to BF-Arkansas, a two and a half hour wait to see the cars navigate a corner from a terrible angle, and listening to too much flack directed at the spectators from the muckiety-mucks in official vehicles. Whatever.

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