Thursday, May 20, 2004

Pic-i-nic-i-nic in the park

I want to take a romantic picnic in the park this evening. We're celebrating the two year anniversary of something this month. It isn't when we met, when we started dating, when we fell in love, or when we moved in together. It's just some random time between meeting and dating when our contact started to increase beyond "some person I see at various events around town from time to time."

I'm taking some goat cheese - we have that already, I'm going to go make some chocolate covered strawberries in a few minutes. I don't know what else to take, but I'll settle on something as I stroll through the grocery store after a bit. Always dangerous to do with the debit card in hand :)

I'm tired. It's been a hard week at work. I can't even count the number of tiny things I've been criticized for, and I was in the office by myself all day Monday. Of course accepting criticism is not one of my strong points as it is, but come on already! It just wears you out after a while, to have everything picked over like that.

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