Friday, May 21, 2004

Very nice evening last night!

The picnic worked out wonderfully. I grabbed a new basket, a citronella candle, a pre-made turkey club sandwich on wheat, some bottled water, some grape tomatoes, some yummy crackers, and some nectarines at the store. I took along our goat cheese, cranberry curd, a white wine, and the chocolate chip cookies.

We went to Sandy Creek Covered Bridge and ate - everything! Then I walked up and down the creek a little. Should have gotten Dennis to wear his slip-on shoes so he'd come in with me. The baby bluegill were picking at my toes :-D

(The wine made me giddy followed by sleepy!)

It was so nice to get out and just spend time with Dennis and not worry about anything at all. Something to do more often for sure!

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