Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Date Night

Well, date day and night with my son that is :)

Dennis is gone to Wisconsin, so Chris and I headed up to Forest Park. We rode the Giant Wheel that is there to celebrate the 1904 World's Fair. Chris had to keep me safe cause I got a little scared :)

Big Scary Wheel:

View of downtown you don't usually see:

After the wheel, we went to picnic by the boathouse. We fed some lettuce to ducks. They didn't really like it. Snobby ducks!

Then we rented a peddle boat. We made it all the way to Post-Dispatch lake at the bottom of Art Hill. Oh, it was fun. Chris was a good peddler too. He never really did stop or get too tired. Good thing, cause I would have worn myself out without help!

We ran back home for a while to rest up, then headed back out for the Muny's production of Meet Me in St. Louis. Chris liked the real trolley and the fireworks at the end, but I don't think he was totally thrilled by the rest of the show. I can't really say that I was either, except watching a play about the 1904 World's Fair in Forest Park where it actually took place was pretty spectacular!

We got home very late and found Dennis already here! Yea!

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