Saturday, March 19, 2005

Easter Eggs & Elk

We dyed our Easter Eggs today, since Chris will be in Indiana for Easter this year.

Then we went for a quick road trip down I-44. Dennis almost made us run out of gas *teehee. Then we went to Robertsville State Park. There isn't a whole lot there, unless you have a boat, in which case there is access to the Meramec River.

Then we came back up to St. Louis County and Lone Elk Park.

We saw Elk:


Whitetail Deer:

Crazy Cream Soda Drinking Children:

(Leave him alone, he's "growing his hair out.) :)

I'm struggling with allergy medicine again this spring. It knocks me on my butt until I get used to taking it, but I can't really go without it anymore either. I was really out of it for most of the day.

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