Friday, March 18, 2005

St. Patrick's

I didn't do much for St. Patrick's Day this year. I'm not even making corned beef & cabbage until tonight. I did wear my green wool jacket while I was running all over creation though.

I was on a mission to get Dennis's birthday presents today. He wanted some Nikon 8 x 40 binoculars and a Cold Steel Master Hunter knife. I got the binocs here in south county, but I had to make a run out to Grand Prairie Knives in Troy, Illinois for the knife. Then I had to run from there over to St. Charles to pick Chris up from school.

I managed to fit in grocery shopping at the Schuncks out there and kept all of the cold stuff cold in our cooler too. Yea... :)

Chris came back to our apartment for a while, we ate and hung out most of the evening. I couldn't handle the suspense, and I let Dennis open his presents open early. He really liked them :)

Then we all went up to Paul's apartment to wait for Jenn to get off of work. Paul is out of town for the weekend. We were up late last night *yawn*

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