Sunday, March 06, 2005

It's all Relative

Apparently Dennis is related to the Kaskaskia Island Dozas. His Great-grandfather, Almont, came from either on the island or from St. Mary's. DJ thinks that Almont's father is listed incorrectly in someone else's version of the family tree, so there could be something going on with the parentage there. We've found Almont's wife Gertrude's side of the family online. Dennis's uncle Mike looked into the geneology at some point, and had discovered a link to Sgt. York. There is a Lincoln (yeah, that one) link back on the island. There were relatives on the island / at the Fort for the Revolutionary War. The family is definately French.

It's neat that what Dennis found depressing at first sight has turned out to be so interesting. DJ has an old break action shotgun of Almont's, and an old black pot that belonged to Gertrude. It would be neat for Dennis to connect all of the dots. I hope he keeps talking to his parents about all of this stuff.

His uncle Mike has moved up to Joplin, and we're supposed to see that side of the family again around Easter. Maybe we'll find out more then.

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