Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

You know ;)

I finally bit the bullet and bought a FAKE Christmas tree. It is just OK. I don't *love* it, but it isn't horribly disgusting and trashy either. I miss the smell of a real tree so much! I do not miss stepping on pine needles. I also bought Bing Crosby and Elvis Christmas CDs, so now I have something to listen to while I tell my family to stand back and quit helping trim the tree!

Today Dennis is out on his own, running around in the cold woods with guns and Koby. That means I am online Christmas shopping till my credit card runs out, at least. I'm shocked and amazed at the overcharging for shipping! Now I know how everyone makes up their great "online price breaks." *cough*

The tree is not quite finished, but pictures will follow shortly.

I'm also going to ride the wayback machine to October and backBlog like crazy trying to get back to the Future. Ah, Saturday home alone!


Gary Freedman said...

Think of it this way -- you saved a tree from an ornamental death.

Shannon said...


I think evergreen farms are environmentally OK because they renew so quickly. It is highly probable that the amount of plastic, lead, and copper used in the artifical tree are entirely more damaging than cutting a live tree. (Plus my tree came from China, where environmental controls may be more lax than we'd like.)

Not to mention the economic implications of cheaping out for a $99 made-in-China tree versus supporting a local small farm.

AT LEAST I did something "right" by not buying the tree at Wal-Mart? Sheesh!