Monday, January 17, 2005

More loudness

I took my sister to the Point's local show thing over at Pop's last night. She got sick, and we wound up leaving at 8:30. Only one of the bands was "good" - that would be 17 & 7. I <3 their guitar player. Hehe. I still can't believe how happy and outgoing and talkative the kids these days are! Beth made a friend, and some guys talked to us in a non-threatening manner.

Pilfered from Eep's stlpunk profile:
Getting To Know You by Hatchetman
Happiness Level: 7%
Intellegence Level: 63%
Ideal Male MateTom Arnold
Ideal Female MatePamela Anderson
Sexual SkillSextacular
AlcohalJust give you a beer and you'll be fine
SmokeYou don't smoke
Date of DeathDecember 11, 2061
Life After Death?You will never die
Ideal JobSports Player
Your New NameMary Jane
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