Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Nothing to do with tsunamis?

I'm eating a Thai Kitchen Noodle Cart that I happened to pick up at some point along the way. I got Pad Thai. It's good. Of all of the darn things, it's good. Same comfort level as Ramen noodles, but not as salty and icky.

"Thai Kitchen single serve Noodle Carts are a quick and convenient way to satisfy your craving for a Thai stir-fry style noodle style dish without having to go to a Thai restaurant. Just add boiling water or microwave, drain the water, toss with the enclosed seasonings and enjoy. These noodles cook fast - in their own tray. Ready in approximately 4 minutes. Fork included."

Yes, fork included, which makes this even better than Ramen noodles, because you've got to track down a bowl and utensils for Ramen.

Now of course this brings the tsunamis back to the front of my mind. I was just thinking about the unbelievable disruption, even to everyday processes like eating noodles. Even the relatively unaffected are affected. Sometimes the little things are just as moving as the big scary death toll numbers everyone keeps hitting us over the head with.

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