Friday, December 31, 2004

I found my vino, etc.

I'm excited because I've found my Wine Blogging Wednesday wine for January. Whoo-hoooo! I'm not going to give it away yet, but it is a $6.00 Merlot from a wacky-named winery.

I also took books back to the library and got more, DVDs back to Blockbuster and got more, bought some actual glass champange flutes for tonight, and aired up my new tires. Yea!

Hmmm, I'm back to my reading list finally! Frankenstein was quite good, I started out liking The Idiot a whole lot, but got consufed and bored about 3/4 of the way through and quit - I completely stopped caring about the characters, so I just stopped picking it up. That's when I really quit reading for a long time.

I had to reschedule some of my reading because of Oprah. So I've picked it back up with The Giver, which was a nice piece of jeuvenile sci-fi that I hope Chris reads when he's in 6th or 7th grade. The Good Earth was more rich than I had remembered it from my previous reading in High School. Of course I learned a little of the history of China since then, which made all of the back story much more interesting. I cried real tears at the last three pages of the book. Oprah made a nice choice to follow Anna Karenina for her book club.

So today I picked up Inherit the Wind and Jane Eyre. It seems like I should have read both of these before now. But that's the point of the reading list, so off I go :)

Dennis and I watched "Garden State" last night, and I thought it was excellent! I hope both of today's choices are acceptable to him: Hero and I, Robot. Nothing like action and adventure on New Year's Eve!

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