Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy Birthday

To my sister. 15. Hahahah! I'm so glad I'm not her.

I had to work this morning, and we're on our way out the door to drive up to Litchfield (again) to eat dinner and give her stuff.

Dennis is having trouble quitting JetCorp. They're being dickheads about everything they possibly can. I'd support him quitting today if that's what he decides to do. I'm also nervous about the new job. I hope everything goes well for him. FWIW, I would never take a job at JetCorp after witnessing how they treat their employees. Screw it.

Not that I'm not catching enough flack at my own job. Peggy has turned back into dragonlady. Everything I do is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. So I don't care anymore. No pleasing the unpleasable, right? Oh, I got a Christmas gift from work too - a $30 gift certificate to Pasta House and an (empty) ceramic snowman cookie jar. I didn't get them anything. I could have, but I didn't. Oops.

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