Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Back to work

Meh, had to go back to the office today. There wasn't any work. I had Christmas presents waiting for me from Dave Armstrong and Al. Great. Another time nobody bothered to tell me that we'd exchange gifts. Meh, it was a $15 GC to the mall and some Bissenger chocolates. Oops. I never told anyone what holiday I might celebrate, so maybe next year (if I still work there *cough*) I'll give them all latkes and chocolate coins, or maybe "Merry Yule" cards with a little pictures of Mother Nature, Father Time, and the Baby Sun-God on the front.

Dennis and I went out to the Pasta House on my gift certificates. It was great! Then we watched Dodgeball. It wasn't great. LOL.

Barb called and said that the spice bread I made reminded her of her childhood in New England. I'm glad to know I could do that for her. It's almost easier now that we're not related. And, whew, Christmas is over! Hooray!

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