Saturday, December 25, 2004

Not dead. Yet.

We were up till 2:30 last night baking cookies. Thursday was a terrible day. Grr.

Chris was very cruel too, in response to my freaking out, I'm sure. I was just about ready to run away for the Holidays. :( This time of year is too hard on me.

Now it is Christmas Eve. Technically, it's Christmas Day, isn't it. *Yawn*

We finished icing the last set of cookies this morning. Then we took off for Litchfield. Listening to Christmas songs on the way up made me cry in the middle of the day. Mom made a very nice German-themed dinner for us. It was good, but because it is soooo freezing outside, the meat cooled off too quickly. LOL. It hasn't been this cold since Beth was born. Brrrr!

The Marfells' Tree:

A good time was had by all. Dennis and Dad disappeared to regions unknown to look at guns, guns, guns. I fell asleep watching TV.

It is super cold tonight, in the low single digits. We're still up working on the finishing touches for Christmas, including building a slot car track. I wonder if we'll just stay up all night...

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