Saturday, May 28, 2005

Camping: Day One

We left the house right at 7:30 this morning. My little car was stuffed to the gills:

We arrived at Giant City State Park a few hours later, only to find the campground FULL. We just happened to luck into a campsite by begging at the Visitor’s Center.

We went to set up camp, only to find one of our fellow campers had hogged up two picnic tables, leaving us with none. A Park Ranger unloaded his belongings from the extra table, and she and Dennis hauled it back into our campsite. We continued to set up camp, and awhile later, the table hogger came back to the area. He stalked around the sites for a few minutes, then started cursing. He threatened physical violence, refused to listen to reason, and caused a huge scene in front of not only Chris, but the entire campground. Dennis tried to leave the area to get the Park Ranger to step into the conflict, and the guy tried to jump in front of my car. Then he got into his truck and took off down the road after Dennis. Long story short, he was also very hot headed with the Park Rangers when they confronted him, and he managed to get himself kicked out of the campground. This is the first such conflict I’ve ever experienced in a campground. Especially in the tent camping areas. What a tool!

We didn’t let it ruin our day, even though we were very tense because of it. We hiked on the Giant City Nature Trail:

Played along the shoreline of Little Grassy Lake:

Caught itsy-bitsy froglets:

Finished getting our campsite set up:

And cooked over the campfire:

Chris loved the campfire. He also loved making S’mores. He had no trouble showering himself in the shower house, and we headed to bed by 10:00.


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