Saturday, May 21, 2005


We took our weekend trip to Washington State Park down by Desoto today. We'd driven by on our way south quite a few times, but we'd never stopped before.

Like many places in this part of the country, it is pratically overrun with fence lizards. Chirs and I really like to try catching the little buggers.

He actually had this big one on his shirt for a minute, before she decided Chris was definately not a tree and bailed out fast.

There are supposed to be Eastern Collared Lizards at this park, but we didn't see any. I don't know that I've ever seen one, even though they are supposed to range into extreme Southern Illinois as well. We saw a "skink" up on top of the bluffs that wasn't a Five-lined Skink - it was a Six-Lined Racerunner. It looks absolutely identical to the ID picture in my Audubon Society Field Guide, which is saying a lot, since I always seem to find the sub-species that isn't even mentioned. They're not kidding when they say these little guys are fast!

We also saw a small snake in a pool along the Big River that we're fairly certain was a Midland Watersnake, based on internet research. It had alternating ruddy and mustard colors, and it was very vivid because it was so small (under a foot.) Dennis had the camera at the time, and I assume he didn't take a picture because he's a weenie who is afraid of snakes. It looked an awful lot like this one, even though we don't have our own picture of it.

Awww, aren't we just so gross! *love*

Of course, the big draw of Washington State Park is the Mississippian petroglyphs. This is a "family," I think. At least that is what we are calling it. There are three figures holding hands, a "Dennis" on the left, a little Chris with a pointy head in the middle, and a "Mommy" on the right.

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Myrna said...

You find the coolest parks. I bet Chris loved the lizards.