Monday, May 16, 2005

No Stab! Grocery Shopping.

We are going to shop at the Sappington Farmers' Market for the next little while. We managed to get out at our usual price level, found everything we needed (including kale), saw some extra cool things, and Dennis even talked to a *gasp* friendly employee!

They did not have BBQ pork prepackaged (bad for you anyway), but I am going to go get some tomorrow at Johnny's Market, so it is OK.

Hooray, I feel better.

(I like Johnny's because they have the cool flip-top carts and it smells like my Grandma. I had a very strong memory of shopping at the Litchfield IGA with my Grandma Linda when I was little. I also think their bakery is going to kick ass if we get there while the department is still open. Baked goods!!!)

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