Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

We spent most of the day at Gateway watching the Mustangs at the World Ford Challenge. It was a fun event as always. The biggest story of the day was the temperature. It was COLD! We were wearing jackets and long pants, and we weren't even racing. I wore capris, and I spent most of the day wishing for those 8 extra inches of fabric. I also managed to sunburn my ankles. Ouch!

Unbelievably, this was our first trip to the track this year. Chris seems to enjoy it more this year, finally. He didn't complain about being bored once, and actually asked to go back to the grandstand to watch racing. Dennis loves poking his head around all of the cool turbo cars. The Mustang guys really have their heads on straight with the technology. They've got them on inlet restrictions this year, so lots of crews have switched over from the huge thumper turbos to twin setups. This makes the engine bays look very wicked. It is kinda hard to decide which is cooler, one giant turbo in the center of the grille, or two on the sides with all of the associated snaking pipes.

We saw an 8 second truck that launched as hard as anything I've ever seen, a very cool front engine dragster, an 11 second cargo van, and a 7 second pass in Wild Street, where the cars must make a 30 mile cruise before making their three qualifying passes. Remind me to stay far away from that silver Mustang!

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