Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Ambassadors

My summer reading list is going very slowly. It took me a long time to finish Henry James's The Ambassadors. It was a different kind of read. Lots of internal dialogue and ramblingly beautiful sentence structure. There are very few people I would recommend it to, because it takes a special kind of patience and a very quiet room to get much from James's classic "late James" style. I know a lot of people who would give up after the second paragraph though :)

Dennis gave this one a whirl:

"The principle I have just mentioned as operating had been, with the most newly disembarked of the two men, wholly instinctive - the fruit of a sharp sense that, delightful as it would be to find himself looking, after so much separation, into his comrade's face, his business would be a trifle bungled should he simply arrange for this countenance to present itself to the nearing steamer as the first 'note' of Europe."

It slows you down a lot :)

The library has lost the copy of Anna Karenina that I put on hold Monday. I hope it shows up soon. They'll get me another copy, but still, it sucks to lose a book like that.

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