Friday, July 09, 2004


Work annoyance:

This morning one of the things left on my desk was a pile of fax cover sheets.

Here's why:
My boss rarely uses a computer, so they're already copied and you have to *gasp* use a typewriter to fill them out when you need them. I am not good at hitting lines with a typewriter.

So I decided last Friday to make my own fax cover sheet on the computer. I printed it out on letterhead and everything. I thought it looked quite nice, plus it is now a template like all of the other forms we use.

Apparently that was bad and wrong, and I must be too stupid to make my own copies from the stack of 58 fax cover sheets I already have.

Oh well. Gotta concentrate more on the job search. I don't know how I'm supposed to develop loyalty to this :)

Yeah, if you could just take care of the covers for the TPS reports, that'd be great...

Apartment annoyance:

Somebody doesn't like us closing the pool. In their very best impression of second graders, they called the landlady and tattled that we were, "at the pool till 10:00 after we made everyone else leave at 9:00," and that my son was, "in the pool all by himself, with nobody watching him."

Neither was true. We were at the pool later than anyone else, but we locked up at 9:00 by the watch we took down there with us so we wouldn't be late. It's pitch black at 10:00. Wouldn't we have noticed??? Chris got to the pool before we did by about 45 seconds. I had a shoe delay :) I was irritated that he went straight in, but we could see him the whole time and the pool was full of people. He did get spoken to about it last night though, and again today after we found out we're living with a mole!

Landlady called with a long message today. Later found out who was responsible for the call, that the landlady knows it is all crap, and that my neighbor is even more of a drama queen that I had figured. And I had figured her for a BIG one all along!

Moral of the story: WHO CARES! IT'S FRIDAY!!!

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