Thursday, July 08, 2004

Circle Y Ranch

Just got back from the cookout at Chris's day camp. There was only one other parent there today. I hope that makes him feel special :) Especially after all of the things I could have gone to if Paul would have only bothered to tell me about them.

The Circle Y Ranch is pretty cute. It's back in those Jefferson County hills I want so badly to move into. Or on top of, I should say. There's a beautiful little creek that runs through the middle. It's got a rock bottom, of course, as all of the creeks in the hills seem to have. There's also a nice weathered section of limestone bluff along one side for a while. It was exceptionally humid, since it had just finished raining when I arrived. Steam was rising off of everything around.

It had rained very hard on my way down, so that I almost missed a turn because it was hard to see, and my brakes were really soggy so I almost missed it again after I'd finally found it.

The kids had caught about 10 frogs and toads and the cutest little red / orange salamander! I'm not sure what species it was since our little field guide only has about 5 types altogether. Hrm, I should invest in better field guides. I do wish I had one every so often, and they'd make great bedtime stories for Chris.

Didn't bring the camera again. I need to velcro it to myself! I'll try to remember next week.

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