Saturday, June 18, 2005

Chipper / Shredder

We spent most of the afternoon with Dennis's parents. His dad had been trimming trees in the back yard. He trimmed a couple of them all the way down to the ground. As we were pulling up, he was heading out to The Home Depot to rent a chipper / shredder. We all pulled piles of branches over to the machine and watched DJ stuff it full and clog it up a few times. LOL! What is it about Dads and power tools?

We bought DJ a mixed six for Father's Day. It was a lot of pressure on me, since he specifically said, "I don't really like that ale stuff." I got a bunch of Pilsners - Shiner Blonde, Blue Moon et. al. and one Abita Amber. I can't imagine anyone disliking that. Both DJ and Cathy seemed to like Labatt Blue that they opened first.

They have a family of Indigo Buntings coming to their backyard feeders. I am officially envious.

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