Thursday, June 23, 2005

It is nothing at all like riding a bicycle.

Interviewing takes practice. You don't remember it all when you jump back on after a few years. I had to take a Word test and an Excel test. I did fine with the Word test (which consisted of typing a letter to the President of the company, I used the Wizard, it was all good.) The Excel test threw me for a loop. I'd forgotten that I haven't used Excel in a good long while. I know I did alright, I got all of the figures in the right place and got the formulas right, but I didn't have time to get labels on all of my data. Blah.

Then I met two women who have strong family ties to my hometown. They recalled the family name, and I know someone who went to school with someone, etc. That's the way it always goes in small towns. Hopefully that is a strong plus in my favor.

Today was just a short interview, they're hoping to cut down their stack quite a bit with the Word and Excel tests. They're doing more in depth second interviews next week. I did not hear one word about benefits or compensation. I didn't say one word either.

If I get called back, I am going to have to really brush up and cover up some of my goofiness from today. My nervous personality is incredibly silly.

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