Thursday, June 16, 2005

Six Flags

Chris and I have Six Flags season passes, thanks to Grandma Myrna!

We went out for a little while this afternoon. I rode the Tom's Twister - something I've always been terrified of doing. Geez, it was all a bunch of little kids. I don't really like spinning, but if you close your eyes and lay your head back, it feels exactly like being in a cozy bed.

Chris rode The Boss! It is arguably the biggest, baddest coaster at Six Flags St. Louis. (Mr. Freeze is a bad dude too, but the steel coaster/overhead harness experinece is entirely different than the wooden coaster/open car one, and while the magnetic launch is neat, nothing beats good old gravity!) I was so proud of Chris, and so exhilarated from the ride, that I had to wipe tears out of my eyes as we pulled back into the station at the end. He's tall enough to ride Batman too. That is my favorite rollercoaster of all time, ever. I can't wait until he gets himself psyched up for it!

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