Monday, June 27, 2005

Birthday Dinner #3

Today is my actual birthday. Dennis got home late, and I didn't feel like cooking. We're having pizza! There's nothing wrong with birthday pizza.

I got flowers from Dennis and my parents.

I saw the Birthday Ponies today too. Chris and I went up to the farm to feed the horses and give Commanche his medication. We stood in the hot barn for about an hour while they finished their hay. I brushed both of them, but Chris chickened out on taking a bareback ride around the barnlot. I didn't feel like taking them all the way down to the other house to saddle them, so I have officially managed to avoid actually riding the Birthday Pony!!!

I just realized that my birthday this year was nowhere near the quality of last year's. I guess we're both distracted with everything we've got going on right now. I am feeling very up in the air about the entire St. Charles situation. The apartment complex is trying to railroad us, and I just found out this morning that Paul isn't ready to sign the custody paperwork. I tried not to let it ruin my birthday, but I'm just generally uneasy right now. At least I didn't get a sappy birthday card to type out this year. *shrug*

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